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About the VB zWeb Project

The VB zWeb Project as you may have all ready guessed is a software project written in Visual Basic .NET and Visual C#. The goals of the VB zWeb Project are as follows:

  • - Create an open source kiosk web browser (named zWeb) based on the Mozilla XULRunner Engine.
  • - To replace and/or improve the GeckoFX Visual Studio XULRunner Integration System with a more versatile, possibly modular, and more full featured, open source, alternative.
  • - Integrate a full tabbing system into zWeb.
  • - Integrate a true caching and cookies system that does not require Mozilla Firefox to be installed in order to work.
  • - Full "Right Click" features integration.
  • - Integrate Favicon Support.
  • - Integrate modular "Plugin" support.
  • - Integrate a full featured address bar, with browsing history.
  • - Integrate a Web Search system into the address bar ("OMNI" bar).
  • - Create an open source kiosk web browser of a high enough quality to be used in tourist Information Center Kiosks, public kiosks, library kiosks, school kiosks, business kiosks, and virtually all other types of kiosks that rely on a full screen web browser.
  • - Maximize screen real estate for the home user by giving them a full screen browser with a quickly accessed "Close" button.
  • - Allow businesses and organizations using the browser to "Hide" the "Close" button, and disable Alt-F4 closing.